Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Writing To Christchurch

Dear people in Christchurch, I hope you have a good time pack and come to Auckland. Point England school loves you and i know that the homes are tumbled and they are not good to go into the homes. I hope you get your homes fixed and hope Christchurch gets better too.


  1. Hi Chyna

    It been a long time I haven't see you. What class are you in this year. I seem your writing about cinderella and your chrischurch. I hope you sent me a comment!!!

  2. Hi Chyna, I bet the people of Christchurch like to read your thoughtful post. I enjoy reading your stories.

  3. Hi Chyna,
    it was really nice of your to post about Christchurch. You are a very thoughtful girl.
    I am really enjoying reading your blog. Keep posting!


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