Monday, November 7, 2011

Alien snot

Oe making alien snot is yuck i don’t like making it. It was running down when i packed it up it was like glue but when i pack it up it was gooey.But it was nice to make when i pack it up i went to small it it Small's yuck. Hi my name is Chyna and we made some alien snot miss king was getting it redll . While Miss Fire Jineile was putting some cornflower in to your baol she tip some out. How to make Alien snot. You wold need to have some cornflower and a little of water then you have mict it. Then put some green food colouer the you have to mic it a gen then it while trn to green snot. It feels like yuck smelly shtaif going down my hand.An it looked like gacj for what now.After we had made some alien snot we all had a trn then we had to go and whash ourhands and then go and sat on the mat.