Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Richie McCaw

Hi there I’m Richard `Hugh McCaw, my nickname is Richie fluffy I was born on 30 December 1980 in Oamaru. My great great grandfather immigrated to New Zealand in 1893 from Scotland. My dad works on our family farm while my mum is a local school teacher. I grew up on the farm with my sister Joanna. I love to fly gliders with my grandfather who was a pilot in world war 2. I play for my local rugby team Kurow rugby club. At oamaru boy’s high school in dunedin I started to take the game seriously and I got in to the school’s top rugby term.


Que bueno son los alfajorcitos.Muy delicioso. Room 13 made alfajorcitos for a special treat.Alfajorcitos have bistcuts in and in them have dulce de leche in them. Then you have to put them to geter and make them like a samwchis . When i made alfajorcitos the dulce de leche was sticky and gooey they were delicioso to eat.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aussie Rules

Last week on Thursday we played Aussie Rules. Allysa and Megan were going to teach us some skills and room 19 came with us.
The weather was changeable because it was cold one minute and sunny the other ,near the end game it was cold and raining.
Before we played a game we had to do a warm ups. We had to find a partner for our first skill. Megan showed us how to do kicks going straight, you had to keep the laces away from your face and keep the lines pointing up and down so you can kick the ball straight to your partner.
We played a game called bomb we had to kick the ball to the teacher ,I nearly got the ball at .
Mr Harris but i missed

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cross Country

After lunch on Wednesday it was cross country at pt england school i didn't want to do cross country.
First it was the 5year old girls they went to the starting place and Mr Burt said "OK girls take your marks get set and go". After the girls had finished it was the boys turn.
There were colourful team colours all around. I am in Mataatua and my house is green.

As we waited for the race to start, I was filled with nervous excitement. Then it was time to go, “Oh no!” I thought I would come last because I don’t like running.
The first half of the race I was coming 5th, I started to get tired and people passed me. I faht that i couned’t stel run but my leg’s were sore.
Then when i was finish i sat back down with my teacher wanted for the other one’s and then when i was nearly there my legs were crying. Then when we were finished.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cross Cuntry

Today is cross country and i am in matowa the green term i don’t want to do cross country to day i want to do it next week . I don’t like cross country my gole is to come 4
not 1st. I hart cross country because i came last last yrem.