Monday, July 11, 2011


OnWednesday room 13 and 14 went on a trip to moat when we got there we had to go in a room with room 14 the lady told us where the room was we had to have morning tea in there and lunch to after morning tea room 13 went to a room with old stuff in it we had a look a stuff i went to go to have a look at the quasars table when i look at the pink one there was a teeth bash and when i open the pink and blue one it was a fir at the end the lady put out a fackuamn it was a old one but it can worked at the end. After that we went to the void game room and played some games i was in Flora's group with Ana and Liesa and Shanika it was cool.Then we went and looked at this hot thing it is hot then a fire Flora's sutured said that the man is feeding the engine cola then we went on the playground then we and saw the old car's there were a big cool car with blue likest in the car and there was a little house. After that we hand lunch an d the we went to the black patch it was so dark we can't see and we can this feel the rise.

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