Saturday, August 27, 2011


We went to play badminton in the hall with Donna she came to teach us to play badminton it was cool.

When it was badminton time the girls got their shuttle and then we got a racquet and sat back down again. Then the lady Donna said “.Put you thumb on top of the racquet and trun it up side down and then get the shuttle and get it from the feathers then hit it’’.

Then when she count down from 5 then we all had to go and sat down then we had to get a partner and get 5 shuttles each it was me and Sela then we had to hit it to each other like going back and forth. When I hit the shuttle to Sela I did a powerful hit. We used overhead, backhand and forehand strokes. You have to use quick body movements too. 

We all had fun and it was enjoyable.

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